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Monday, November 5, 2012

Pumpkin Pumpkin

The weekend of your professional pictures and the sick baby, we also went to the pumpkin path.  It was after the pumkin patch that you started running a fever and were burning up.

Traditional morning walk.  Kennedy loves walking in Pa and Grammy's neighborhood because there is so much to see and gorgeous tress etc.

Kennedy would blow kisses and hug on the pumpkins.

This is mid-hug

Here she is saying "awwww" and patting the pumpkin.

At this point you were starting to feel bad, although we didn't know it yet.  You were not about to touch those animals.  They had a baby pig, ducks, a bunny, but you were scared of them.

And the ducks kept bitting me feet and sparkling shoes!  

Yep, still bitting me

You also got to ride your first pony.  You kept saying "yehaw".

12 month check up

I am way behind on blogging as always.  Not that you are 13 months I want to report on your 12 month check-up.  You were 20.6 pounds (50%), 31.75 inches long (99%).  You got shots and were not happy about it at all and they ran out of flu shots so we had to go back to get those.  You love eating new foods like oatmeal cookies, pancakes, mixed veggies, and spaghetti.  You are officially off the bottle and I am so happy to not mess with nursing, formula, or bottles!  Hooray for cow's milk.
  We recently counted and you have over 100 words and like to use 2 together at a time.  You know star, circle, heart and the colors yellow and purple.