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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wind, Hail, Flood

April showers brought May tornados and flooding.  Barrett was out of town in Atlanta for a business conference and we get a tornado watch and warning.  Great.  I am home with Kennedy by myself and I have to say, I got scared.  The wind was so strong, and it was pouring down rain and hailing.  Kennedy slept through the beginning of the storm which was a shock because the hail was pounding down on her window.  When she woke up I grabbed some diapers and some toys and headed to my bedroom to keep the tv on to listen to the weather.  I was minutes away from lining the bathtub with a comforter and getting Kennedy's mattress to cover us up in the tub.  But, then the storm passed.  We had reports of a tornado in the next subdivision over and one in Flour Bluff.  

Here is a video I took from my front door at the beginning of the storm.  It was difficult for me to close the door because the wind was so strong.  I don't think I want to live somewhere like OK where tornados are frequently occurring.  No thank you.

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Birthday

I had such a wonderful birthday this year.  Mom and Kennedy drove out to Bishop to meet me for a birthday lunch.  We met at Dairy Queen because it was the only restaurant in Bishop, of course I am never going to complain about a Blizzard.  It was so nice because it gave me something to look forward to.
Barrett and Kennedy got me the best gift, a girl's trip to Dallas!  I am so excited.  The trip is booked and I head out in 2 weeks for a weekend of staying up late with girl talk, sleeping in late, pool, pedicures, manicures, and tons of laughing.  CAN NOT WAIT

Kennedy was a big helper.  Barrett surprised me with a dinner to the Republic of Texas Steakhouse in the Omni.  We had a great night with such a beautiful atmosphere.  It is always a treat to have alone time and great conversation with the man I love.  We always have fun together and he still makes me laugh.  How can someone still be so funny after 12 years together?  So thankful for his humor.

The traditional cookie cake that I look forward to all year, so delicious.

These next pictures aren't from my birthday but just some cuties that my mom snapped while with Kennedy.

These pictures are mostly out of focus and blurry, but I still love the rich colors and that sweet baby.
This picture reminds me so much of  a picture of Barrett when he was little.

This girl likes her exersaucer for about 10 minutes.  I use to save it for emergencies like preparing dinner or unloading groceries.  However, now she won't be in it at all.  She has learned that she can walk around with assistance and so that is all she wants to do.  In fact this weekend, we took this exersaucer apart for her to walk around and hold on to because she would NOT go in it anymore.  Growing up...

We recently lowered her crib as well as she can pull her self up to stand from a seated position.  She is so close to being able to sit up on her own as well.


Oh the people that love Ms. Kennedy.  Aunt Vicki and Aunt Linda came to visit again at the end of April.  We had a blast.  We played with the little missy, laughed, and relaxed.  It was so nice.

Kennedy even took them to her favorite place, the aquarium.

Who was having more fun here?

Early morning fun.

Vicki bought Kennedy her first Spurs gear and we got to enjoy a game while they were here.

The trip was complete with lots of good food and Barn Door steaks, yum!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

8 months

Look at that big girl!  I can not believe you are 8 months and I refuse to think about how few months we have before you are 1.
You keep learning so fast. Such a little sponge.  You now receptively know: deer, lion, Grammy, baby, drink, no, and up, for a total of about 14 words.  You also have said your first word, "ada" for all done.  You said it 3 times in imitation and I thought, hmmm I think Kennedy just said "all done".  But, I brushed it off because you are so young, until it was verified by Grammy.  You said it for her in the high chair the other day and then last night you said if for the first time spontaneously when you were in your excersaucer.  So exciting!  Of course, I never thought "all done" would be your first word.  I figured it would be "Annie".
Speaking of learning new words.  The dogs have also learned new words.  They now know "don't touch her", "no licking", "get off"and  "be quiet".  We are so proud of Buddy and Annie for expanding their repertoire as well, ha ha ha!  But on a serious note, Buddy has learned Kennedy's name and will go and find her.

The other day, Grammy was singing a song that is played on one of your piano's and your turned and looked right at that piano.  You are starting to put your knees underneath you, but don't have extending your arms yet.  You are officially scooting on the floor.  I still think you might walk before you crawl because you are not happy unless you are standing up and walking.  You also have made it clear recently that you are ready to be more independent.  I will be excited for you when you are able to get places by yourself because you get frustrated not being mobile.

You have shaken your head "no" a few times.  Recently you started rocking in your high chair, self-feeding with yogurt melts, trying so hard to point, and you are blowing and squishing up your nose.  Here is a video of your new nose trick.

This month you also are trying to participate in book reading.  When we read your Wild Animals book, we always act out the last page "pitter patter" by running our fingers across the book.  Recently we noticed that you are trying to be able to run your fingers across the book.  You will even anticipate the page coming and get your fingers ready.  Look at her right hand and notice how she tries to get those fingers to move for a "pitter patter".

You also are a screamer, so LOUD.  And you are proficient at clicking your tongue.  You have moved into size 3 diapers, eat 3 meals a day, and get milk 4 times a day.  I am sad to say that I have lost the fight in breast feeding and have started having to supplement 1-2 feedings a day.  You don't care at all, as you have not missed a beat on your organic formula.  But, it makes this momma sad.  I still nurse you in the morning and at night.  I tried everything I could, supplements, "nursing honeymoons", stopped working out, etc. etc.  I think the lactation consultant blocked my phone number....I gave it my best shot and am thankful I was able to nurse you exclusively for 7.5 months!

7 months has come and gone

Stacia took your 7 month pictures.  We waited so we could get some different pictures of you since you can sit up.  But, this happened 2 days after shots and you were still running a slight fever and just not your normal happy self.  Not to mention that you still don't like to share your smiles with people you don't know.

Drool is very appropriate for 7 months as you constantly are dripping.

This picture just cracks me up

Such as sad face.  My favorite outfit mind you...

Love this next face as well

You were sitting up at 6 months and by 7 you had it down, although when you are finished with an activity you think it is okay just to fling yourself backwards.  You are rolling everywhere and can get to anything with your rolling skills (who needs to crawl?).  

Might be my favorite, I love those sweet cheeks.

Things you love:  your mobile (is a necessity now when you get up from a nap, to sit and watch the mobile), Wild Animal book (we read it at least 5 times a day), Little Quack Opposites (recently started crying when books are over), you are making choices between 2 books to select the one you want (can you tell your mom is an Speech Therapist?), eating yogurt melts, your dogs, outside, and of course your feet.

Your big 7 month tricks are that you learned to wave bye-bye and give kisses.  Receptively you are learning word so quickly.  You know momma, daddy, Buddy, Annie, all done, bite, eat.  At least those are the words that we know you know.  

And here are the 7 month chair pictures we took.  This onesie was from Gentry and Stacy and is symbolic for momma in college.  It was my best friend's and I's song in college and this was my favorite outfit that you got!

Here is you identifying your duck.  The first time this happened, we were playing in your room and I was pointing out the ducks on your blocks.  You looked around and then found your rubber duck that was beside you and picked it up.  We hadn't worked on duck so I was so proud of you!