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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wind, Hail, Flood

April showers brought May tornados and flooding.  Barrett was out of town in Atlanta for a business conference and we get a tornado watch and warning.  Great.  I am home with Kennedy by myself and I have to say, I got scared.  The wind was so strong, and it was pouring down rain and hailing.  Kennedy slept through the beginning of the storm which was a shock because the hail was pounding down on her window.  When she woke up I grabbed some diapers and some toys and headed to my bedroom to keep the tv on to listen to the weather.  I was minutes away from lining the bathtub with a comforter and getting Kennedy's mattress to cover us up in the tub.  But, then the storm passed.  We had reports of a tornado in the next subdivision over and one in Flour Bluff.  

Here is a video I took from my front door at the beginning of the storm.  It was difficult for me to close the door because the wind was so strong.  I don't think I want to live somewhere like OK where tornados are frequently occurring.  No thank you.

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