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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Special Events

Barrett's fraternity had a formal at the end of April.  It was during the 6 week stretch of being out of town or having company.  Barrett's best friend, Josh, and his girlfriend came to stay for the weekend.  We had a  great weekend.  The boys had a softball tournament, which they lost to the active members, and they had a formal.  The formal was really nice.  It was at the Art Center and had a beautiful view of the sunset over the bay.  Barrett and I were so excited about a night out.....or should I say a few hours out.  Yep, the babysitter called about 10:00 and Kennedy had woken up and Laura couldn't get her back to sleep.  I knew if Kennedy woke up that no one else would do but me because that seems to be the pattern.  So we rush to say goodbye and come home.

We also celebrated our 6 year anniversary, which we didn't take any pictures of.  We got a hotel room on the Padre Island and had dinner out.  The next morning we spent about an hour at the beach.  Amazing anniversary, just what we needed.

Next, was my first officially Mother's Day.  Of course I considered last year my first Mother's Day because I was still providing for her during my pregnancy, but this was much more enjoyable.  Here I was with my first Mother's Day rose and 20 weeks pregnant.  

Barrett and I typically don't do big gifts and usually only for Christmas and birthdays.  We don't get gifts for Anniversaries or Valentines etc.  But Barrett and Kennedy gave me a great Mother's Day gift, a special day for just me.  Barrett let me sleep in past 6 am, a massage ( a "momma's gift" from Aunt Dawn and Uncle Jim when I had Kennedy), a facial (thanks groupon!), lunch with a good friend Tammy, and shopping.  I just went yesterday and it was amazing.  Thank you to the loves of my life.

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