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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Splish splash

The Aquarium has a splash park  my mom and I took Kennedy to kick off summer after my last day of work.  Water, kids, outside....yep she loved it.

This was as good as we could get on the turtle because it was so bright.

This was her favorite part, spinning the starfish.

So, my mom wasn't even going to wear a bathing suit since we didn't expect to get wet.  But I was wearing one for sure since I knew I would be holding my wet baby.  This picture says it all, we were drenched.  We literally could not have been more wet if we jumped into a pool.  There are buckets above your hand that sporadically dump water and kids shooting big water guns.  We just kept laughing every time a bucket of water dumped on our head.  #1 we didn't know the facility as well to know where the dumping would occur #2 we were looking down the whole time at Kennedy so had no warning.  Pretty funny.

We made friends, Kennedy loves other kids.

I believe this face is because water just shot my butt

She liked kicking the water.

So I am "Ms. Prepared" and I have lots of sunscreen, extra shoes for me to wear so they would be dry, all Kennedy's items, lunch for Kennedy thawing in the car, even chew toys for her to chew on while playing.  But I forgot one very important item......

yep, my pants!  I changed Kennedy and was starting to change when I realize my pants are not in my bag.  Putting on my drenched shorts was not an you guessed it, I walked out of the aquarium with my  head held high and a cool breeze on my backside.  The towel worked great as a temporary skirt.  I was hoping my shorts had fallen out in the car because mom and I had lunch plans...nope.  So we had to stop at a shell stop and mom had to buy me some shorts for double the price so we could eat.  I got home and my shorts were on the bathroom counter, convenient.  

The friday of Memorial Day weekend, Barrett had off so Kennedy took her daddy to see her splash park. This time she loved walking through the spitting water and would just squeal with delight.

Out water camera had a water spot on it, but look how happy Kennedy is.

We are regulars at the Aquarium and sometimes go for a swim and sometimes to see the fish.  

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