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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Even more loving....

Kennedy has 3 big loves in her life. We always knew that she loves music, even in the womb if music was playing she was dancing around. But, Grammy discovered that Kennedy really loves Elvis and his slow songs in particular. If we can't get her to calm down, we turn to Elvis and his slow songs work every time. It really is funny and amazing. When I was little Elvis was one of my favorites as well and I would love to jam out to Elvis tapes in my Gran and Grandad's car growing up. I loved to hear stories about my Gran getting to see Elvis in a parade growing up. So now Kennedy is the 4th generation of women to love her some Elvis. Consequently, we listened to "can't stop falling in love with you" for 45 minutes on repeat on the way home from SA. Yeah for no crying, but boo for hearing that song over and over and over again.

Kennedy's 2nd love is her elephant that is on her car seat which was mentioned in the previous blog.

Her 3rd love is so unusual, I am not quite sure what to think about it. Over Christmas I would nurse her in this same chair and then when I was burping her I noticed she always looked up and started smiling and talking. Her is a picture of her sweet smile to her new best friend.
Yep, that's is the air conditioning vent in the ceiling. She loves it, not sure what she thinks it is or what exactly is so funny about it, but every time she gave it a big smile and lots of talking.
On a separate occasion...
Serious conversation with her friend....maybe I should be concerned about my child?
To be documented: Uncle Blake helped give little missy a bath and changed diapers and even dressed her one day.

Tradition: Mom and I have been making sugar cookies every year of my life and now passing on the tradition with my little girl. Kennedy loved the colors of the icing and will love getting to eat one next year I am sure.
Our little outside chef, observing the cookies.
Speaking of yum, one of my dad's clients sent 4 enormous rib eyes that Barrett grille dup for us, it was delicious and so much meat. Of course the mean didn't have a hard time getting it down. This is Barrett's favorite meal, a good steak and twice baked potatoes.
Look at this sweetest that is a daddy with his little girl. Precious! Kennedy of course was loving on daddy and sucking that thumb before bed.
Date Night #2: Spurs game. I am always amazed at how good my dad's company seats our, 4th row. The boys were so embarrassed that I wanted a picture (mainly my husband), but sorry I wanted it documented. Later that night Barrett and I had a hotel room on the river walk, only for me to discover I had forgotten one of the attachments to my breast pump...meaning he had to drive me all the way back to my parent's house. Long story short...I didn't get to go to the hotel that night, so sad. But, we had a great time at the game.

This picture is priceless. I mean could this little girl be more loved, adored, and swooned over? We met for lunch to celebrate Ms. Barbara's graduation with her masters. Congrats Ms. Barbara! Wahoo! We met at Red Lobster and she was adored. These have been very special women in my life and I know are some of Kennedy's biggest prayer warriors and for that I am so grateful.
Sweet Ms. Barbara didn't want to make Kennedy wait any longer for some hot water from the waiter so she just plopped Kennedy's bottle directly in her hot tea! That is love...
Kennedy wore her jewelry that Grammy and Pa bought her for the special occasion. Check out her precious ring! (never fear we secured it with ribbon so she couldn't swallow it)
Katie has been a friend since birth and her nanny was always very special to me.
Kennedy with the graduate

Thank you to everyone who loves our daughter! Keep the prayers coming for her sweet heart.

Fines/Pennington Christmas

We were hopping from place to place and seeing lots of people. It is too bad that Kennedy didn't get any attention this trip. On Christmas Eve we went to Barrett's mom's house.Kennedy loves her new gym. She grabs and hits at the objects, looks at the beautiful baby in the mirror, and plays some tunes on her piano with her feet.

On Christmas Day we went to Grandma Haswell's. Aunt Jessi put Kennedy to sleep, she was grumpy that afternoon. (Kennedy, not Jessi, Ha ha!) At this point I think Kennedy had met her max being passed around.
Aunt Britney was there too.
Kennedy with Granny C.
Papa D got some playing time in.
Great Uncle Big Foot is in the background, he wouldn't get in any pictures!
Finally got to meet my Great Grandma Chris!
So much love for one little girl.

Christmas Festivities

As promised from the last post, here is a picture of all 5 of my parents grandkids. (Crafton kiddos "adopted" but loved like family) This picture is so classic and I love it! Gibson with his sippy cup, Channing pointing (not sure over what), and Hadley and Linden looking at Kennedy. So funny!
This was the Sunday before Christmas. Kennedy was given this beautiful dress, but the size fell right during winter time. Luckily in Corpus it doesn't get cold until later so she still got to wear it. I just had to post because i thought she looked precious.

The Christmas trip consisted of swooning over Kennedy. Kennedy is indeed a blessed little girl with so many people who love her and pray for her. Here are a few of her prayer warriors and biggest fans.

Meeting Dorothy, the make-up artist and good friend that I worked for in high school and college. Dorothy loved her and kept saying "I want one".

Meeting Josh, daddy's best friend.
Breakfast date with our friends the Baker girls! This time last year we were in New York with these fabulous ladies, which was one of the greatest trips of my life. How much can change in a year. Last year I was praying for a baby and this year we were celebrating her.
With Kelly and Tracy.....however, Tracy didn't share much! ha ha
Aunt Rachel got in late Thursday night. We so enjoyed our reunion and Kennedy enjoyed her nap in Tracy's arms.
Next up, Grandma Drott. My adopted grandma growing up. Grandma and Grandpa Drott didn't have grandchildren when they adopted us and they use to come to my school on grandparents day to eat with my brother and I since our grandparents lived out of town. They use to spoil us and take us to the zoo etc. We sure miss Grandpa.
Meeting Ms. Mary, our loved neighbor.

December Excitement

Barrett is still loving his job. God is so good and we are so thankful for His blessing of providing Barrett with a job that he is challenged at, likes the people he works with, and likes the work that he does! So for this wonderful job he needed some water training that was available in San Antonio December 20-22nd. We headed down to SA Monday night after Barrett got off work so he would be there for training. It was a sweet deal because the company paid for the gas and Barrett and I got some date nights too!
Tuesday while everyone was working, Kennedy and I went out to Stacia's to take 3 month pictures. Kennedy was a happy girl, but we didn't get many smiles on camera. Stacia has 4 children that adored Kennedy, but Kennedy did not know what to think about that much attention at one time. I will have to post a picture of the 4 of them on the next post, I just realized that I didn't download all the picture yet and this blogger does not allow for rearranging pictures once they are loaded. (boo!)

This one if my favorite, can't get over that face!
Then later that afternoon, Uncle Blake got in town! These pictures are out of order because as I was going through the pictures I forgot about this text I had gotten. Again, I can't rearrange the pictures once they are posted so as much as it pains this OCD will be out of order.

Barrett and I had gotten a hotel room on Tuesday night and Grammy, Pa, and Uncle Blake were on Kennedy duty. We left while Kennedy was taking a bottle and got this text while we were at dinner. All the picture taking wore this sugar bear out.
Barrett and I had a wonderful and relaxing dinner at Pappadeaux which we hadn't eaten at since before our wedding 5 1/2 years ago. It was delicious and getting a nights sleep without waking up to feed Kennedy was such a treat, but boy was I ready to see her that morning.
Here are more pictures of when Kennedy got to play with Uncle Blake.

Friday, December 30, 2011

ohh and ahh

You started out oohing and ahhing and now we are hearing consonants, gurgles, and lots of squeals. Your consonant sounds include: b, m, g at the moment. You love gurgling in the back of your throat and blowing bubbles. You are officially a drool machine and now have to start wearing bibs. You had your first squeal on 12-13-11 that Grammy caught on video as you were squealing in delight over your mobile that we got you for Christmas. Then your first giggle was on 12-19-11 on your changing table (of course, her favorite place!). I was so excited that you shared that first giggle with mommy. The giggles are coming more frequently now and we can't wait until it is a full out laugh.
You still aren't the biggest fan of tummy time. You are suppose to be able to roll over from your tummy to your back soon, but no attempts have been made on your part. The only thing you do on your tummy at the moment is talk a little bit and then fuss. But, you are super close to rolling over from your back to your tummy. Maybe if you can make that roll you will like your tummy more when it was your decision to get there. Who knows? Until then, your mean momma continues to torture you with tummy time.
Love: standing up, looking around (getting harder and harder to feed you), love your elephant toy on your car seat, love your frog toy, being on your back and kicking and talking.

You love mirrors and playing with your tongue. This is one of your favorite activities to do with daddy. He comes home from work and gets to hold you and be able to look at you at the same time!

Sweet girl is so much fun to play with. That sweet smile melts my heart.Great Aunt Dawn and Uncle Jim got Kennedy a piano for Christmas and she loves it. We let her open it early. I showed her 2 times how you could press the keys to make sound and then she was off and playing on her own. I will try to post a video of our mistro if it will ever download.

I wanted to post a video, but it is not cooperating at the moment. I may have to just upload an entire blog post of videos.