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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Festivities

As promised from the last post, here is a picture of all 5 of my parents grandkids. (Crafton kiddos "adopted" but loved like family) This picture is so classic and I love it! Gibson with his sippy cup, Channing pointing (not sure over what), and Hadley and Linden looking at Kennedy. So funny!
This was the Sunday before Christmas. Kennedy was given this beautiful dress, but the size fell right during winter time. Luckily in Corpus it doesn't get cold until later so she still got to wear it. I just had to post because i thought she looked precious.

The Christmas trip consisted of swooning over Kennedy. Kennedy is indeed a blessed little girl with so many people who love her and pray for her. Here are a few of her prayer warriors and biggest fans.

Meeting Dorothy, the make-up artist and good friend that I worked for in high school and college. Dorothy loved her and kept saying "I want one".

Meeting Josh, daddy's best friend.
Breakfast date with our friends the Baker girls! This time last year we were in New York with these fabulous ladies, which was one of the greatest trips of my life. How much can change in a year. Last year I was praying for a baby and this year we were celebrating her.
With Kelly and Tracy.....however, Tracy didn't share much! ha ha
Aunt Rachel got in late Thursday night. We so enjoyed our reunion and Kennedy enjoyed her nap in Tracy's arms.
Next up, Grandma Drott. My adopted grandma growing up. Grandma and Grandpa Drott didn't have grandchildren when they adopted us and they use to come to my school on grandparents day to eat with my brother and I since our grandparents lived out of town. They use to spoil us and take us to the zoo etc. We sure miss Grandpa.
Meeting Ms. Mary, our loved neighbor.

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