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Friday, February 24, 2012


She is so big and ready to tear up some food, or cereal that it. This is our pretty girl before her first meal. 2.23.12After her first meal she decided to give Buddy some much needed attention and he was much obliged. She loves the dogs now. When she sees them she just beams and then will have the deepest conversations with them. It is funny too because Annie has started bringing Kennedy her toys and will drop them by Kennedy and whine like "why aren't you playing with me?". Kennedy is also loving to pull hair, earrings, lips, put her fingers in your mouth and up your nose.
This is a picture of our happy girl after her meal.
I love this one, pure joy! Could her mouth get any wider?
Checking momma's face out
Her first bite of cereal.
No funny faces at all, she liked it! Opened right up for the spoon and went to town. Who knows how much actually made it into her tummy but she was learning.

So I have been trying for 2 weeks now to upload a video of her petting Buddy and eating and it is not working again. What in the world? I am thinking it might be a blogger problem because it came up with this weird error message and asked me to contact support. Thanks a lot blogger for allowing me one day since I have had this blog to upload a video. geez. I am attempting one more time but if there is no video then that means I gave up. I have so many more things to blog about, I don't have time for this blogger!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


So my mom came across this super healthy bread that is high in fiber from Whole Foods and I love it! She is so sweet that she orders it and brings it and we stock up our freezer with it. THe bread has all kinds of good grains and nuts in it. Barrett refers to it as "bird bread" and refuses to eat it. So as a joke one day my mom snuck some in his lunch and when Barrett sees it he sends a text that says, "I hope the birds are hungry". Cracked us up, except for the fact that he threw the bread away and it is expensive bread! He got in "trouble" with me for that.
Buddy Lee has been sick since December and so Barrett took him to the vet. We were nervous since he is over 10 years old that something may be seriously wrong with him and I think other than the fact that it is hard to get things done with a baby, we were avoiding really knowing what was wrong. Barrett said he was perfect at the vet and we are talking for a LONG time. I think Barrett was there for close to 4 hours. Buddy's lungs looked cloudy and the vet thought that he had an infection so gave him an antibiotic and cough medicine and he seems to be doing better. He even started playing with Annie again and his coughing is way better.
Barrett is pumped because he got a gun safe. Now this is going to go in our closet, don't worry it has to go on Barrett's side because I refuse to give us space for my stuff for guns that have to be in a fire safe place. Seriously though I am happy about it because it will be safer for the kids and I am tired of stubbing my toe on gun cases under my bed.
February would not be complete without the rodeo and the rodeo would no longer be the same without the Crafton kids. We started taking the kids to the rodeo when Hadley was 2 and this year Hadley, Linden, Channing, Pa, Gicki, Barrett and I loaded up and went to the grounds. In typical February fashion it was raining, but it was not too cold so i was thankful for that. Stacia offered to watch Kennedy since we had to get her kids anyways, so we did a kid trade. She was sweet enough to snap these precious pictures of Kennedy. I will post pictures from the rodeo later as I don't have those pictures and have other things I want to blog about. It is still difficult to go anywhere since K wants to nurse every 2 hours still. So by the time we got to the rodeo it was time for me to pump, so everyone went to walk the fair grounds and Barrett was sweet enough to keep me company in the van while I pumped. Then right after the rodeo I had to rush to the van to pump again. I am such an advocate for breast feedings and I love the benefits of breast milk, but I am seriously going to throw a party when I don't have to pump anymore!

Here is a picture of Kennedy's favorite posed. She loves sitting like a frog and grabbing her feet. She even has gotten her feet in her mouth before, which Barrett finds disgusting.

This was just a cute one I had to share with Kennedy wearing her tie-died onesie that Barrett's friends Josh's girlfriend made her.
And lastly, what Barrett calls "our little owl". Kennedy is not allowed to watch TV since all the research showing it is too much stimulation for their developing brain. So we use to be able to get away with turning her away and then we could watch a football game or something, well those days are over. Thank goodness for DVR! (which by the way is completely full and deleting shows we never have time to watch)

Day of Love

So one of our favorite pajamas are when Kennedy is a cow and yet we never remember to take a picture of her wearing it. One night after Barrett feed her the late night feeding he snapped this picture with his phone. Why is it that dressing kids up to look like an animal is so cute? Kennedy loves her exersaucer, that is for about 5-10 minutes. Then she gets frustrated because something won't do what she is trying to do and she will throw a big ol' fit. She will scream and yell and her face will get so red. We are doomed for terrible two's with that temper, but for now it is funny.
Grammy had a fun dress up day with Kennedy on Valentine's Day. I just can't get enough of these pictures. I mean really, how am I suppose to focus on work when I get a picture like this texted to me?
Check out this girl's outfit.

Look what I have...

I love this outfit from Nanna and I LOVE her chunky legs. She is starting to fill out that long body with some chunky legs, face, and her hands are plumping up too.
Barrett and I's Valentine's tradition usually is making Shrimp Paesano at home and having a romantic dinner. We don't do presents ( I know we are boringly practical), just cards and yes I expect chocolates and flowers! ha! Shrimp Paesano is a lot of messy clean up and not the easiest thing to make as everything has to be done at the same time. So instead I made lasagna the day before so it was a low stress evening, which in fact was absolutely just what we needed. We have never had a better Valentine's then a day playing with our girl and a peaceful relaxing dinner. I know everyone expects to go out to eat by themselves, but really with just one kid, we weren't really ready for that. We didn't have the desire to go out to eat by ourselves. Now, on the next child we will look forward to taking advantage of that time I am sure, but for now it was perfect just the 3 of us with nothing fancy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blast from the Past

So who knows why when I first got this computer that blogger wouldn't upload our videos? Maybe our internet was finicky at the time, who knows. So now I am wanting to document these special moments of videos that we have of Kennedy. Here are some oldies, that seem so long ago. It is amazing to go back to these videos and realize how much she has changed. Here is Kennedy Blair 3 days old, her first time to turn her head from side to side. Oh how she worked so hard at it and we were so proud. I just kept crying and crying because I knew she had worked and worked to turn that head!

This next video is funny. This was right after we brought Kennedy home from the hospital. Barrett was walking her around and the dogs just kept following him. Around and around and around they walked in circles, never letting their baby out of their sights.
This next one is one of my favorites. She was 2.5 months over Thanksgiving holiday and was talking so sweet to her daddy.

The next one is a favorite as well. This was a special moment in the morning one morning when Kennedy had just started smiling a lot. I remember when I would get one smirk a day and this was one of the first days where the smiles just kept coming and I couldn't get enough of them.

The last video, most have seen because it is on Facebook but it is a big laugh. Not good filming because I was by myself, but at least you can to hear her precious laughing.

And this post my friends is a result of a daughter who actually naps!

Yeah for videos

So I have so many videos to share and have been unable to for some reason. Now that the videos are actually uploading, I thought I would dedicate this post to some videos of Kennedy. This first video is a little clip of her blowing raspberries and bubbles. Not the best video but at least you get a glimpse.

This was her first day to really let the squealing rip

This video is awesome. My mom had videoed Kennedy squealing on her phone and then was playing it back and Kennedy would smile and giggle like she was so proud of herself!

So I have mentioned Elvis' magic power over Kennedy and here is a video of it. She wasn't that fussy but I love how you can just immediately see her relaxing and soothing like "ok everything is ok again". so far, it works every time.
Here is an older video of when kennedy was first able to rattle. It is short and seemingly uneventful, but at the time we were soooo proud of her. Look how tiny she is, makes me sad. I can't remember how old she was, guessing 3 months.

5 months

I can't believe another month has passed. 1 more month and you are 6 months which means you will start to eat cereal and use spoons and be half way to 1. sigh....I am just not ready for that.

Barrett's mom and Guy came to visit. It was so sad because Kennedy did not have her best "showing". Poor baby was cutting what we think could possibly be a tooth or maybe a calcium deposit. Baby girl was grumpy to say the least. We went to eat lunch and Kennedy just cried the entire time, which is not like her. She is pretty much always a happy camper unless she is tired, hungry, or wet. I could not figure out what was wrong with her. The restaurant was packed and literally we were there for over 2 hours. Of course before we even got our food, Kennedy was hungry again because she continues to eat every 2 hours. So I had to go out to the car to feed her and of course everyone was done eating when I got back. But they were sweet and kept my plate warm, what an "enjoyable" lunch. But when we finally got back to the house I felt a bump on the left side of her gums and sure enough there was something white peeping through. I had been rubbing the front gums to feel for teeth as she was gnawing on everything, but had never reached that far back. We aren't sure if it is a real tooth or just a calcium pearl that will fall out. Either way, she is hurting and not very happy. The sad part was that Nanna wanted to hold Kennedy of course, but the only person Kennedy wanted was her momma when she was hurting. I literally spent the whole entire afternoon in her room either nursing her, rocking her, or trying to get her to sleep. I felt like I was in a cave the entire afternoon and was drained after the day was over. Sunday, she did a little better. I was sad that they didn't get to see her at her best but hopefully next time she won't have any ailments.
5 months brings some new tricks. Look how I can hold my feet. My favorite pose which I have yet to catch on camera is her frog pose while she holds both feet in her hangs.
I just love that face in the mirror. This is one of her favorite toys.
These 5 month pictures were the hardest to take because it was impossible to keep her hands out of her mouth. She had plenty of smiles, but I would reach and grab her hands and then she would pop them back in before I could take a picture.
Miss personality: your personality is showing more and more and daddy and I are so wrapped around your finger. You are a sweet girl and love snuggling. You have to see everything and in fact most times we have to take you to your room to eat because if there is a noise you have to check it out. You love talking and laughing and are a happy girl. You are hilarious because you definitely have a temper and will let everyone know when you are frustrated. I would say you frustrate easily and like to blow raspberries to let us know you are mad. So much like your father....ok maybe more like your momma.
At 5 months you love to squeal and squeal and squeal. You still love your dogs, love being outside, love standing up, love exploring new places. You still like your bath and have learned that you can kick your feet and that if you arch your back you can get out of your tub chair...scary. You love your exersaucer and finger games like the "itsy bitsy spider". You are still eating every 2 hours and I will look forward to introducing solids to you so maybe that will stretch longer. You still continue your cycle of being up for about an hour during the day and then wanting a nap. You sleep about 45 minutes in the morning naps and 30 in the afternoon. Momma is looking forward to you taking just 2 naps a day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Kennedy had more visitors. Great Uncle Jim and Aunt Dawn came from Florida to meet our little angel baby. We had such a good time. Our days consisted of playing with Kennedy, talking, laughing, eating, laughing, eating, playing, eating, playing, and eating. As always we always have a full menu and list of places to eat when they are here. I love this picture
Kennedy had a great time showing off all her tricks. Aunt Dawn woke up early everyday to play with her. Mornings are her best time of the day.
Queen of Karaoke! Everyone now, "Play the fiddle with the pig..." Barrett and I can see all of these songs by heart and often times find ourselves singing them to ourselves while cooking dinner.

Reading books with Uncle Jim. Her favorite books are the Hello Book, Peek-a-boo books, and her all time favorite Let's Dance Little Pookie.
Dawn and Jim brought the Christmas bubble blowing elephant. Kennedy was fascinated. However, we didn't have bubbles and turns out soap bubbles are too heavy for poor elephant to handle.

Another favorite, watching the fish tank. Kennedy once sat in her bouncer chair and watched the fish for about 20-30 minutes and allowed me to vacuum almost the entire house. It is amazing! Thanks fish.
So, I look over and this is what I see so of course i had to document. Just an iPad is not enough for Dawnie, she has to have her phone too! This cracks me up because let me just say that last summer Barrett and I were trying to talk Dawn and Jim into getting iPhones and being able to text them. Now they are equipped with an iMac, iPhone, and iPad.
Then look at what my husband was doing. Technology never rests around here.
SO below is suppose to be the video of Kennedy cracking up at Annie. It shows me the video is there; however, I have tried this before and then the video never publishes. I am crossing my fingers it works. This is the first hard core belly laugh and it lasted for a good while. In fact it lasted long enough for us to get the iPad and our phones to take videos. Nothing sweeter than that sound.