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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Kennedy had more visitors. Great Uncle Jim and Aunt Dawn came from Florida to meet our little angel baby. We had such a good time. Our days consisted of playing with Kennedy, talking, laughing, eating, laughing, eating, playing, eating, playing, and eating. As always we always have a full menu and list of places to eat when they are here. I love this picture
Kennedy had a great time showing off all her tricks. Aunt Dawn woke up early everyday to play with her. Mornings are her best time of the day.
Queen of Karaoke! Everyone now, "Play the fiddle with the pig..." Barrett and I can see all of these songs by heart and often times find ourselves singing them to ourselves while cooking dinner.

Reading books with Uncle Jim. Her favorite books are the Hello Book, Peek-a-boo books, and her all time favorite Let's Dance Little Pookie.
Dawn and Jim brought the Christmas bubble blowing elephant. Kennedy was fascinated. However, we didn't have bubbles and turns out soap bubbles are too heavy for poor elephant to handle.

Another favorite, watching the fish tank. Kennedy once sat in her bouncer chair and watched the fish for about 20-30 minutes and allowed me to vacuum almost the entire house. It is amazing! Thanks fish.
So, I look over and this is what I see so of course i had to document. Just an iPad is not enough for Dawnie, she has to have her phone too! This cracks me up because let me just say that last summer Barrett and I were trying to talk Dawn and Jim into getting iPhones and being able to text them. Now they are equipped with an iMac, iPhone, and iPad.
Then look at what my husband was doing. Technology never rests around here.
SO below is suppose to be the video of Kennedy cracking up at Annie. It shows me the video is there; however, I have tried this before and then the video never publishes. I am crossing my fingers it works. This is the first hard core belly laugh and it lasted for a good while. In fact it lasted long enough for us to get the iPad and our phones to take videos. Nothing sweeter than that sound.

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