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Thursday, February 23, 2012


So my mom came across this super healthy bread that is high in fiber from Whole Foods and I love it! She is so sweet that she orders it and brings it and we stock up our freezer with it. THe bread has all kinds of good grains and nuts in it. Barrett refers to it as "bird bread" and refuses to eat it. So as a joke one day my mom snuck some in his lunch and when Barrett sees it he sends a text that says, "I hope the birds are hungry". Cracked us up, except for the fact that he threw the bread away and it is expensive bread! He got in "trouble" with me for that.
Buddy Lee has been sick since December and so Barrett took him to the vet. We were nervous since he is over 10 years old that something may be seriously wrong with him and I think other than the fact that it is hard to get things done with a baby, we were avoiding really knowing what was wrong. Barrett said he was perfect at the vet and we are talking for a LONG time. I think Barrett was there for close to 4 hours. Buddy's lungs looked cloudy and the vet thought that he had an infection so gave him an antibiotic and cough medicine and he seems to be doing better. He even started playing with Annie again and his coughing is way better.
Barrett is pumped because he got a gun safe. Now this is going to go in our closet, don't worry it has to go on Barrett's side because I refuse to give us space for my stuff for guns that have to be in a fire safe place. Seriously though I am happy about it because it will be safer for the kids and I am tired of stubbing my toe on gun cases under my bed.
February would not be complete without the rodeo and the rodeo would no longer be the same without the Crafton kids. We started taking the kids to the rodeo when Hadley was 2 and this year Hadley, Linden, Channing, Pa, Gicki, Barrett and I loaded up and went to the grounds. In typical February fashion it was raining, but it was not too cold so i was thankful for that. Stacia offered to watch Kennedy since we had to get her kids anyways, so we did a kid trade. She was sweet enough to snap these precious pictures of Kennedy. I will post pictures from the rodeo later as I don't have those pictures and have other things I want to blog about. It is still difficult to go anywhere since K wants to nurse every 2 hours still. So by the time we got to the rodeo it was time for me to pump, so everyone went to walk the fair grounds and Barrett was sweet enough to keep me company in the van while I pumped. Then right after the rodeo I had to rush to the van to pump again. I am such an advocate for breast feedings and I love the benefits of breast milk, but I am seriously going to throw a party when I don't have to pump anymore!

Here is a picture of Kennedy's favorite posed. She loves sitting like a frog and grabbing her feet. She even has gotten her feet in her mouth before, which Barrett finds disgusting.

This was just a cute one I had to share with Kennedy wearing her tie-died onesie that Barrett's friends Josh's girlfriend made her.
And lastly, what Barrett calls "our little owl". Kennedy is not allowed to watch TV since all the research showing it is too much stimulation for their developing brain. So we use to be able to get away with turning her away and then we could watch a football game or something, well those days are over. Thank goodness for DVR! (which by the way is completely full and deleting shows we never have time to watch)

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