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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yeah for videos

So I have so many videos to share and have been unable to for some reason. Now that the videos are actually uploading, I thought I would dedicate this post to some videos of Kennedy. This first video is a little clip of her blowing raspberries and bubbles. Not the best video but at least you get a glimpse.

This was her first day to really let the squealing rip

This video is awesome. My mom had videoed Kennedy squealing on her phone and then was playing it back and Kennedy would smile and giggle like she was so proud of herself!

So I have mentioned Elvis' magic power over Kennedy and here is a video of it. She wasn't that fussy but I love how you can just immediately see her relaxing and soothing like "ok everything is ok again". so far, it works every time.
Here is an older video of when kennedy was first able to rattle. It is short and seemingly uneventful, but at the time we were soooo proud of her. Look how tiny she is, makes me sad. I can't remember how old she was, guessing 3 months.

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