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Thursday, February 16, 2012

5 months

I can't believe another month has passed. 1 more month and you are 6 months which means you will start to eat cereal and use spoons and be half way to 1. sigh....I am just not ready for that.

Barrett's mom and Guy came to visit. It was so sad because Kennedy did not have her best "showing". Poor baby was cutting what we think could possibly be a tooth or maybe a calcium deposit. Baby girl was grumpy to say the least. We went to eat lunch and Kennedy just cried the entire time, which is not like her. She is pretty much always a happy camper unless she is tired, hungry, or wet. I could not figure out what was wrong with her. The restaurant was packed and literally we were there for over 2 hours. Of course before we even got our food, Kennedy was hungry again because she continues to eat every 2 hours. So I had to go out to the car to feed her and of course everyone was done eating when I got back. But they were sweet and kept my plate warm, what an "enjoyable" lunch. But when we finally got back to the house I felt a bump on the left side of her gums and sure enough there was something white peeping through. I had been rubbing the front gums to feel for teeth as she was gnawing on everything, but had never reached that far back. We aren't sure if it is a real tooth or just a calcium pearl that will fall out. Either way, she is hurting and not very happy. The sad part was that Nanna wanted to hold Kennedy of course, but the only person Kennedy wanted was her momma when she was hurting. I literally spent the whole entire afternoon in her room either nursing her, rocking her, or trying to get her to sleep. I felt like I was in a cave the entire afternoon and was drained after the day was over. Sunday, she did a little better. I was sad that they didn't get to see her at her best but hopefully next time she won't have any ailments.
5 months brings some new tricks. Look how I can hold my feet. My favorite pose which I have yet to catch on camera is her frog pose while she holds both feet in her hangs.
I just love that face in the mirror. This is one of her favorite toys.
These 5 month pictures were the hardest to take because it was impossible to keep her hands out of her mouth. She had plenty of smiles, but I would reach and grab her hands and then she would pop them back in before I could take a picture.
Miss personality: your personality is showing more and more and daddy and I are so wrapped around your finger. You are a sweet girl and love snuggling. You have to see everything and in fact most times we have to take you to your room to eat because if there is a noise you have to check it out. You love talking and laughing and are a happy girl. You are hilarious because you definitely have a temper and will let everyone know when you are frustrated. I would say you frustrate easily and like to blow raspberries to let us know you are mad. So much like your father....ok maybe more like your momma.
At 5 months you love to squeal and squeal and squeal. You still love your dogs, love being outside, love standing up, love exploring new places. You still like your bath and have learned that you can kick your feet and that if you arch your back you can get out of your tub chair...scary. You love your exersaucer and finger games like the "itsy bitsy spider". You are still eating every 2 hours and I will look forward to introducing solids to you so maybe that will stretch longer. You still continue your cycle of being up for about an hour during the day and then wanting a nap. You sleep about 45 minutes in the morning naps and 30 in the afternoon. Momma is looking forward to you taking just 2 naps a day.

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