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Friday, February 24, 2012


She is so big and ready to tear up some food, or cereal that it. This is our pretty girl before her first meal. 2.23.12After her first meal she decided to give Buddy some much needed attention and he was much obliged. She loves the dogs now. When she sees them she just beams and then will have the deepest conversations with them. It is funny too because Annie has started bringing Kennedy her toys and will drop them by Kennedy and whine like "why aren't you playing with me?". Kennedy is also loving to pull hair, earrings, lips, put her fingers in your mouth and up your nose.
This is a picture of our happy girl after her meal.
I love this one, pure joy! Could her mouth get any wider?
Checking momma's face out
Her first bite of cereal.
No funny faces at all, she liked it! Opened right up for the spoon and went to town. Who knows how much actually made it into her tummy but she was learning.

So I have been trying for 2 weeks now to upload a video of her petting Buddy and eating and it is not working again. What in the world? I am thinking it might be a blogger problem because it came up with this weird error message and asked me to contact support. Thanks a lot blogger for allowing me one day since I have had this blog to upload a video. geez. I am attempting one more time but if there is no video then that means I gave up. I have so many more things to blog about, I don't have time for this blogger!

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