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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blast from the Past

So who knows why when I first got this computer that blogger wouldn't upload our videos? Maybe our internet was finicky at the time, who knows. So now I am wanting to document these special moments of videos that we have of Kennedy. Here are some oldies, that seem so long ago. It is amazing to go back to these videos and realize how much she has changed. Here is Kennedy Blair 3 days old, her first time to turn her head from side to side. Oh how she worked so hard at it and we were so proud. I just kept crying and crying because I knew she had worked and worked to turn that head!

This next video is funny. This was right after we brought Kennedy home from the hospital. Barrett was walking her around and the dogs just kept following him. Around and around and around they walked in circles, never letting their baby out of their sights.
This next one is one of my favorites. She was 2.5 months over Thanksgiving holiday and was talking so sweet to her daddy.

The next one is a favorite as well. This was a special moment in the morning one morning when Kennedy had just started smiling a lot. I remember when I would get one smirk a day and this was one of the first days where the smiles just kept coming and I couldn't get enough of them.

The last video, most have seen because it is on Facebook but it is a big laugh. Not good filming because I was by myself, but at least you can to hear her precious laughing.

And this post my friends is a result of a daughter who actually naps!

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