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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day of Love

So one of our favorite pajamas are when Kennedy is a cow and yet we never remember to take a picture of her wearing it. One night after Barrett feed her the late night feeding he snapped this picture with his phone. Why is it that dressing kids up to look like an animal is so cute? Kennedy loves her exersaucer, that is for about 5-10 minutes. Then she gets frustrated because something won't do what she is trying to do and she will throw a big ol' fit. She will scream and yell and her face will get so red. We are doomed for terrible two's with that temper, but for now it is funny.
Grammy had a fun dress up day with Kennedy on Valentine's Day. I just can't get enough of these pictures. I mean really, how am I suppose to focus on work when I get a picture like this texted to me?
Check out this girl's outfit.

Look what I have...

I love this outfit from Nanna and I LOVE her chunky legs. She is starting to fill out that long body with some chunky legs, face, and her hands are plumping up too.
Barrett and I's Valentine's tradition usually is making Shrimp Paesano at home and having a romantic dinner. We don't do presents ( I know we are boringly practical), just cards and yes I expect chocolates and flowers! ha! Shrimp Paesano is a lot of messy clean up and not the easiest thing to make as everything has to be done at the same time. So instead I made lasagna the day before so it was a low stress evening, which in fact was absolutely just what we needed. We have never had a better Valentine's then a day playing with our girl and a peaceful relaxing dinner. I know everyone expects to go out to eat by themselves, but really with just one kid, we weren't really ready for that. We didn't have the desire to go out to eat by ourselves. Now, on the next child we will look forward to taking advantage of that time I am sure, but for now it was perfect just the 3 of us with nothing fancy.

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