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Friday, January 27, 2012

4 Months

Ok, so I started this post a month ago. Kennedy is now 5 months and I am just getting around to adding the text. Oh time, how do you always get away from me? This picture is not cute and it is anticlimatic. But, this was immediately after Kennedy rolled from her tummy to her back for the first time. She had rolled from her back to her tummy (the "harder roll"), but had never rolled from belly to back. I saw this moment was about to happen and so I grab my phone get it on video and a message pops up "you have no room, please delete...blah blah blah", so I race to go through pictures and delete pictures so I can capture this moment. Meanwhile, iCloud is updating my pictures so I would delete a picture and then iCloud would sync and put it right back on! I love iCloud usually, but this was ridiculous. I was so frustrated. So ran to grab my real camera and this is what I got. sigh...still documented, just after the fact.our 4 month beauty. Oh my goodness Kennedy every month is better than the last, you are such a joy.

At 4 months you suddenly love blowing raspberries and love to spit on anyone that is holding you. You especially love blowing raspberries when you are mad. You have found your feet and love to grab them. You love to play with other people's fingers and put them in your mouth, are laughing more and more, you love watching the fish in the fish tank, everything goes in your mouth as you explore your world more and more. You also enjoy your dogs and one day just cracked up over Annie. We have that on video and will post an entire post of videos when I have the time to figure out why no videos will post. You went to the doctor at 18 weeks and you were 14.11 pounds and 25.74 inches long. Still in the 50th% for your weight and 90th% for your length.

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