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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kennedy goes to SA, Arlington, and OK

Over MLK weekend, mom and I packed up and headed North to see Gran and Grandad and get to see Blake and Rachel's house that they have lived in since September. We left Wed. night at 7 so Kennedy could sleep on the way to SA. Then Thursday morning we headed up the road to Arlington to see Gran and Grandad. It took us 5 hours to get there and Kennedy did pretty good. She was definitely ready to be out of her car seat. Right when we got there I changed her and she looked up at Gran and just started laughing. It was so funny. Gran and Grandad enjoyed Kennedy and Kennedy loved having a new place to explore.We tried to get every combination possible.
4 generations of women

The whole gang, thanks to a tripod and the self-timer. This was as good as it was going to do.

Gran was obliged to hold Kennedy while the rest of us ate.

Gran gave Kennedy a tour of the house and Kennedy loved all the windows to look out of. She didn't know what the things they call "trees" were.
Grandad and his "puddin"
Gran entertained Kennedy with some dancing to Elvis
Uncle Kent took off work and came on MLK day to meet his great niece whom he called "stretch" because she was so long.
Thursday nigh, all my college roommates over to meet the little one. They were so sweet to drive from all over the metroplex to see us. Of course, Kennedy's best time of the day is not at night since she normally goes to bed around 7. We did our best to keep her up until all the girls got there. Gran, Grandad, and mom went out to eat so we could spend sometime just the girls. We enjoyed pizza and laughs. Such a blessing to be able to catch up and spend time together.

Then Friday morning we headed back up the road to go to Oklahoma. Kennedy was entertained by Grammy (a full-time job) and she enjoyed lots of books, toys, songs, and of course Elvis! The trip would have been miserable without Elvis soothing her. I thought that Kennedy would just sleep and take long naps on the trip and that I would go by pretty quickly. Not the case, she took little 30 minute naps and then would be up for an hour or so, and then take another little 30 minute nap. My child is such a light sleeper, any bump in the road and she is up.

Kennedy's first time out of Texas.
Almost there, a pit stop for some loving. Mom and I really perfected the road trip with the baby. I drove and she entertained Kennedy. We even mastered mom assembling the breast pump while I was driving and me pumping while driving. We had a system down where I would pump a bottle and Kennedy would eat it in the car seat and then we would only stop to burp and change her and hit the road again.
We so wished that Barrett could have come and he was disappointed. Daddy was busy hunting that weekend and couldn't' afford to take off from work. Here we finally got to FaceTime with daddy. It was harder than he thought being away from his baby girl. He said she looked like a different baby.
Hi daddy!
Then in Oklahoma I think all we did was eat, talk, eat, laugh, eat, get tours around the neighborhood etc., eat, watch movies, eat, church, eat, eat, and eat. It was so fun to be able to be in Blake and Rachel's element for once. They are always so sweet to come down and visit and have been to Corpus many times. We were thankful we got the opportunity to go see them for a change. Here is a sample of the food that we ate while we were there. Yum!
I love Kennedy's face in the mirror here. She sure does love her Uncle Blake and Auntie Rach!
Pa was changing it up to keep little britches happy so momma could eat.
Dad was hoping to come in his car because he was drilling a rig and needed to be able to leave when he needed to. But, as always something always comes up with the rig and so dad didn't get to leave when he wanted to. He was so sad on Friday night that his family was together without him. So, he decided he was coming anyway and drove the 8 hour trip on Saturday and was there around 7 that night.
I love this picture. It is so dark and yes I realize that I can edit these photos to lighten them. Barrett will be so disappointed in me not editing the pictures first, but lets be real I have limited time to blog and when I can I am doing it! No time to edit pictures first.
Kennedy also got to enjoy her first bath in the sink. She loves water.
Is that not the cutest little hiney ever?
Kennedy loves music and Uncle Blake was happy to share his love of music with her.

She would have chilled and listened to him serenade her forever. Such a fun trip, glad we were able to do it.

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  1. Reading this blog post wore me out all over again!!!! What fun though! Kennedy met lots of special people on this trip! Love you