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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's been a while

I apologize that it has been a while. We have been crazy busy between the holidays and purchased a new computers, so I have not had a second to blog.

We had a wonderful and busy Thanksgiving. My mom and I left Corpus on Monday afternoon and headed to Houston to meet more family. First stop was dinner with Uncle Clinton, Jenny, and Morgan. We had a great time catching up and laughing because Uncle Clinton was certain that my child was going to spit up, puke, or poo on him. I think he was most afraid of spit up, although my child has only spit up maybe 10 times in her life.

This was the angle he kept her at "just in case", let's all say it together "weenie"!
let's talk about this Houston trip to meet the great grandparents. Mom and I left Corpus around 2 and Kennedy did fabulous and slept the whole way. ( sigh of relief) then after dinner with Uncle Clinton we headed on to Spring. k was tired of being in the car at that time and it was time for her to go to bed, but luckily we had Elvis. My mom had discovered that Kennedy would always calm down to Elvis and thankfully it works! She loves her some Love Me Tender and other slow songs. Elvis saw us through to Spring and she got to meet Great Aunt Amy and 2nd Cuz Dan. She stayed up late but was actually pleasant. She loved Uncle Tommy singing to her.

So the next morning, Aunt Amy calls grandma ( her birthday) to come pick them up and surprise them with our visit. Well, grandpa wasn't feeling good and appearantly there was a stomach bug going around their nursing home so grandma didn't want to get out and we of course didn't want to bring Kennedy and have her exposed. So Aunt Amy tells grandma that someone wants to talk to her and I get on the phone to tell her that K and I had come to surprise her. But bless her heart, she said that she couldn't do it and would miss us. Obviously in her old age not comprehending that we didn't live next door and had driven a long way to get there just to see them. So naturally we were bummed. Then we decided that Kennedy was going to see them if only through a window. So we head over there and the facility informs us that it was food provisioning and not a bug and grandpa was doing better so FINALLY they got to meet. Grandma said over and over again how "this was the best birthday present". Grandpa was equally tickled as he kept calling anyone in the facility to listen to come over and see his "great great great great granddaughter". (correction, just great)

3 generations of hands, such a sweet sleeping baby!

I told Kennedy that grandma would call her "little one" and Grandpa would try and steal her nose.

Kennedy got lots of attention!

Our first Thanksgiving. This weekend with Kennedy's better eyesight she suddenly discovered that she didn't want to be away from momma. She would not let me out of her sight and was pretty cranky. Of course, who can blame her as she had been to Houston and back in a 2 day quick trip and all over SA to fit everyone in.

Beyond enough food, as always! We got lots of left-overs..yum!

aunt Britney didn't get to participate in the annual skeet shoot since she fractured her elbow, so she was stuck holding Kennedy.
Lil turkey doing the much hated tummy time.

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