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Friday, December 30, 2011

ohh and ahh

You started out oohing and ahhing and now we are hearing consonants, gurgles, and lots of squeals. Your consonant sounds include: b, m, g at the moment. You love gurgling in the back of your throat and blowing bubbles. You are officially a drool machine and now have to start wearing bibs. You had your first squeal on 12-13-11 that Grammy caught on video as you were squealing in delight over your mobile that we got you for Christmas. Then your first giggle was on 12-19-11 on your changing table (of course, her favorite place!). I was so excited that you shared that first giggle with mommy. The giggles are coming more frequently now and we can't wait until it is a full out laugh.
You still aren't the biggest fan of tummy time. You are suppose to be able to roll over from your tummy to your back soon, but no attempts have been made on your part. The only thing you do on your tummy at the moment is talk a little bit and then fuss. But, you are super close to rolling over from your back to your tummy. Maybe if you can make that roll you will like your tummy more when it was your decision to get there. Who knows? Until then, your mean momma continues to torture you with tummy time.
Love: standing up, looking around (getting harder and harder to feed you), love your elephant toy on your car seat, love your frog toy, being on your back and kicking and talking.

You love mirrors and playing with your tongue. This is one of your favorite activities to do with daddy. He comes home from work and gets to hold you and be able to look at you at the same time!

Sweet girl is so much fun to play with. That sweet smile melts my heart.Great Aunt Dawn and Uncle Jim got Kennedy a piano for Christmas and she loves it. We let her open it early. I showed her 2 times how you could press the keys to make sound and then she was off and playing on her own. I will try to post a video of our mistro if it will ever download.

I wanted to post a video, but it is not cooperating at the moment. I may have to just upload an entire blog post of videos.

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