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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Tricks

Sorry, this post is random. I miss my Windows Live Writer! It was so easy to edit and manipulate the blog post before it was submitted to blogger. sigh, now I am having to get use to blogging straight onto blogger, which is not so easy because posting pictures in a pain in the butt. Basically now I have to do major planning and organizing before I post and honestly I don't have time for that at the moment. So, instead of waiting months for time to come along I am just blogging as the pictures lie, as random as that may be.

Kennedy loves being read to. Here are pictures of daddy reading to Kennedy, his favorite book when he was little.

Our baby girl is 3 months old! Noooo! Actually, I am loving 3 months. Her tummy is doing much better, her sleeping is amazing, and her increased wake time is so much fun. It was a Christmas miracle: Kennedy started sleeping through the night! Her first night without a 3am feeding was on December 19th and I am so loving this continuous sleep. She is also getting better at taking naps and is starting to stretch eating from every 2 hours (started at week 6) to 2.5 to even 3 hours sometimes. ahhh, life is so much easier with 3 hours in between feedings and a full night sleep. Here is a picture of 3 months, that reminded me of her pictures at 1 month. She has changed so much.
1 month picture, same sweet much bigger.
At 14 weeks you had your first RSV cold, poor baby. You were 25 1/2 inches long and 12 pounds 14 ounces.
Kennedy LOVES her elephant toy that hangs on her car seat. She gives it the sweetest eyes and smiles and talks to her elephant. They are good friends and she is so sweet to it. Here is my attempt to take a picture of her with her "sweet eyes".
She is loving her bumbo. This was an earlier picture of her in the chair and now she is able to hold her head up straight without it leaning to a side.
Still loves her hands. In the womb we couldn't get pictures of her because her hands were always around her face....and they haven't left since. She is now a pro at sucking her fingers and loves sucking on her thumb. In fact, she loves sucking on her thumb so much that she even sucks on both thumbs at the same time. I know it is bad for teeth and speech, but it is so cute!

This picture is random from Thanksgiving, but I had to post it. Is there any wonder if we are head-over-heels for our little girl?

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