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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Houston Trip

Kennedy made her second trip to Houston.  She hadn't seen her great grandparents in 6 months so we headed up to see them.  Barrett had a bachelor party for a good friend in San Marcos so Kennedy and I headed up to Houston for the weekend.  As always, the girl got no attention.

Kennedy loves dogs.

Sweet baby.  This post is almost a month old now, shocker I know.  My goal is to be better now that I am off for summer.  

This picture was before Grandpa scared her.  Why does he have to do that?  We have no clue but he does it every time to every baby, starting with Blake.  

Grandma perked up with Kennedy.

Grandma loved getting to feed Kennedy.

Kennedy went through withdrawals of attention when we got home, I have no idea why?

Just to document how this always happens.  The women are always in the kitchen!

Talk about spoiled, Kennedy didn't even have to hold her own teether.  Talk about the life!

Good to see Grandma smile.

I just love the face she is making in this picture.  She was the queen all weekend with Uncle Tommy and Pa at her side the entire time.

Kennedy's first guitar lesson from Uncle Tommy.  She was pretty good.  I am attempting to upload videos if blogger will ever allow it.  I am going to try a few more times and if it doesn't work then I will once again publish a post without the videos.  boo!  So after holding this post for a week and still not being able to upload a video, I give up.  P.S.- I hate you blogger.

Don't mind the mismatch outfit, it was only so she would have pants while she napped.

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