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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dallas Par Duo

We made a trip to Dallas in April to see Gran and Grandad and Blake and Rachel.  It had been 3 months since they had seen Kennedy, so it was time.  We broke up the long drive on the way there with a stop in SA.  Kennedy was perfect on the drive to SA; however, cried for 30-1 hour straight on the way to Dallas.  She was tired of being in the car for sure.  

I thought this picture was cute, it is foggy because my phone cover gets in the way of my camera.  THis foot was a Discovery Toy that was mine when I was little and Kennedy likes to use it as a teether.  It ended up as a foot rest on the way home.

Pa rode with us on the way to Dallas, this was in the morning when Kennedy was a happy camper.

On the way home from Dallas, finally sleeping although you can tell from her face she was not very peaceful.

I like this picture because Grandad is pouring himself a coke and I will always remember him with a coke.  He likes to put peanuts in his coke as well.

Gran getting to feed Kennedy her favorite food, Mangos.

This is a picture of Kennedy on a quilt her Great Great Grandma made.

Let the family pictures being, yes every possible combination.

And no, the purple shirts were not planned.

Uncle Kent was sweet and drove to Arlington to see Kennedy again.

Aunt Megan came by to get some loving too.

We love the Maxwells.

My cousin Jeff and his wife and cute kiddos came over for dinner on Saturday.  The boys were so funny and fun.

We attempted to get pictures of the cousins, but Luke was not having it.  Caleb on the other hand was absolutely so sweet to Kennedy.

And Luke is gone.

Jeff tried again....nope.

And no trip to Gran's would be complete without homemade milkshakes.  Yum!

Horrible and out of focus picture but still documentation of the big kids getting our Gran's milkshake fix.

Lucy made the trip and kept bringing us presents.  My favorite Lucy moment was when she was 1 leg away from having herself completely in the big bird bath.  Then the bird bath almost fell down with her.  We were eating at the table and next thing I know I catch Lucy out of the corner of my eye lunging herself up into the water.  Here is one present that she brought and was so proud of herself.  Who knows what it is?

Uncle Blake and Auntie Rach are here.

Everyone got a turn to feed her.

Blake gave her green beans and was beyond disgusted by them, even thought they are just green beans.

This girl was the center of attention at all times.

I love the face that Blake is making in this fact there are a ton of funny face pictures by Uncle Blake.

So mom made Chicken Pasta, a family favorite, and then I ask Gran for the croutons and she bust out this enormous bag of croutons, we almost ran out.

More funny faces...

Uncle Blake and Auntie Rach bought Kennedy her first set of blocks.

Kennedy loves dogs.

Gran showed her how to play the wind chimes which Kennedy got a kick out of.

Kennedy getting the tour of the backyard from Gran.

Auntie Rach's turn

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