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Thursday, May 17, 2012

7 months has come and gone

Stacia took your 7 month pictures.  We waited so we could get some different pictures of you since you can sit up.  But, this happened 2 days after shots and you were still running a slight fever and just not your normal happy self.  Not to mention that you still don't like to share your smiles with people you don't know.

Drool is very appropriate for 7 months as you constantly are dripping.

This picture just cracks me up

Such as sad face.  My favorite outfit mind you...

Love this next face as well

You were sitting up at 6 months and by 7 you had it down, although when you are finished with an activity you think it is okay just to fling yourself backwards.  You are rolling everywhere and can get to anything with your rolling skills (who needs to crawl?).  

Might be my favorite, I love those sweet cheeks.

Things you love:  your mobile (is a necessity now when you get up from a nap, to sit and watch the mobile), Wild Animal book (we read it at least 5 times a day), Little Quack Opposites (recently started crying when books are over), you are making choices between 2 books to select the one you want (can you tell your mom is an Speech Therapist?), eating yogurt melts, your dogs, outside, and of course your feet.

Your big 7 month tricks are that you learned to wave bye-bye and give kisses.  Receptively you are learning word so quickly.  You know momma, daddy, Buddy, Annie, all done, bite, eat.  At least those are the words that we know you know.  

And here are the 7 month chair pictures we took.  This onesie was from Gentry and Stacy and is symbolic for momma in college.  It was my best friend's and I's song in college and this was my favorite outfit that you got!

Here is you identifying your duck.  The first time this happened, we were playing in your room and I was pointing out the ducks on your blocks.  You looked around and then found your rubber duck that was beside you and picked it up.  We hadn't worked on duck so I was so proud of you!

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