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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Randy's Winging

Our friend Randy is officially a Marine Pilot for Harriers.  Randy moved to Corpus a few years ago to begin his pilot school and we became pretty good friends.  It is a long story but we grew up with the Leupold family who use to live in SA.  They now live in Seattle and go to church with Randy's family.  When he moved to Corpus, Karen Leupold told him to find us at church and then we started hanging out. Several meals, laughs, trips, and "sleep-overs" later we had a good friend who had to leave us.  Randy had to move to Kingsville for the last part of his schooling and so would often times spend the night at our house on Saturday nights.  He said it was so he wouldn't have to drive back to Corpus for church the next morning, but I know it was so I would feed him.

These pictures are horrible but this is what we got from the back of the ceremony.  Randy's brothers, parents, aunt and uncle, and grandma all came in for the ceremony.  He had his brothers wing him.
  Brazile Brothers
 This is the only shot we got with him or of Barrett and I, which made me made because we don't often have a reason to get dressed up and then when we do we don't even take pictures!
 The weekend started out with the winging ceremony on Friday, dinner at Waterstreet, and then a party on the Lexington.  Then Saturday night his brothers, sister-in-law and parents came over for Chicken Fried Steak.  I could not have prepared this meal without the help of his mom and sister-in-law.  The boys were out at the shooting range and I had to go to the store and cook chicken fried steak for 8 people while feeding/bathing/nursing my child to sleep.  Thankfully, the girls came over while the boys were shooting. Randy's mom was sweet enough to be on Kennedy duty and then switch and finish up last minute touches like the gravy while I speed bathed Kennedy and got her to sleep.  The boys walked in right when I was putting Kennedy to do they have such perfect timing?

Here are some pictures from the shooting range to document the weekend.

Randy got an over under shotgun for his graduation.  I meant to get a picture of the whole gang at the kitchen table....but was so distracted that I forgot.  The next day we got to enjoy the Brazile family at church and at lunch and then they headed back home.  We got to see Randy for another week and he came to SA with us for Easter one last time.  He currently has moved to North Carolina and is currently being tortured during his POW training.  We are gonna miss this guy.....

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