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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shrimp & Crab Boil

  This past weekend was amazing.  I had been blessed with a work week of only 27 hours, which is all I am suppose to work.  Plus, Kennedy is a rock star and has started taking decent naps during the day, which means that I actually got all the laundry done, grocery bought, and house cleaned over 2 days.  That was extra impressive since Kennedy is at the stage where you can't be out of her sight and she only wants to be sitting up, which means you have to stay by her side constantly.  This weekend was also extra needed as Kennedy had MAJOR stomach issues last week.  Solid food has not been kind to this little one whose tummy is only use to breast milk.  I will spare you the details but she was in agony and I was worn out.  I was emotionally drained, tired from my 3-4 hours of sleep a night at 30 minute increments and well enough said.  But, then came Friday night where she slept all night long and then a relaxing weekend at home just the 3 of us.  It was funny because this was really the first weekend since we had Kennedy that we didn't have a list of a million things to do.  Of course we still had a list of things to do, but at least we were caught up on what had to be done for once and not drowning trying to keep up.  Barrett could hardly take not having to rush around all weekend so he wanted to start a project.  He began researching different backslashes to install in our kitchen; however, we didn't get to start the yet and now I think we are booked every weekend until May.
Here are some pictures of the weekend and Kennedy loving her new swing set.

 Look at that double chin

 Saturday night we had a shrimp and crab boil with our friends Tammy & Craig and their girls Brylee and Brooklyn and Randy.  It was a lot of fun and the food was delicious as always.  We try to have a shrimp boil with them every few months and it is always delicious.  here are pictures of our sweet girls.  Brylee just loves "baby Tennedy" and kept saying how they were "friends".
 Can I just say that regardless of the mess that teething biscuits cause they are worth every second that I get to cook in the kitchen.
 Brylee having a tea party with Kennedy.
 Brooklyn also enjoyed Kennedy, but she also enjoyed being outside with the boys so I didn't get as many pictures as her.  I love how Brylee is patting Kennedy and talking to her, she was also about to read Kennedy a book.

 Brylee loved teaching Kennedy how to play the piano, but didn't want Kennedy to actually play it.  She kept telling Kennedy "no, baby I'll do it". ha ha ha
 The feast!
 Brooklyn cheesing
 Just documenting that Randy was there, he is such a sport always having to hang out with us and our crazy kids.  His comment after the girls left and Kennedy was down was, "man that was loud".
 Brooklyn loves her "B" and loved looking through the pictures on his phone.

 I promise the moms were there too but are never in the pictures.
 Brylee enjoyed using the real baby stuff (which is actually all hand-me-downs from Brylee) with her baby dolls.

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