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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We bought a Red Oak Tree.  I think it is so sad all these neighborhoods without trees, it is just not right.  Growing up in SA in a gorgeous neighborhood, it is hard for me not to have trees.  It makes me sad that we have to buy a swing set for Kennedy because there is not tree to hang a swing from or the fact that Kennedy won't be climbing any trees in our yard.  But, that is not just our new neighborhood, that is tree-less Corpus.  So, we finally bought a tree and are excited that in 20 years it will be big.  I know Kennedy will be excited to climb it when she goes off to college.
 Barrett highly enjoyed digging this hole in our clay/rock soil.

 And now we can measure Kennedy's growth with her tree.  We officially call it her tree.

 Check out this outfit that daddy came home with from Academy.

 Cutest butt I have ever seen.

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