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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6 months

How can this be....6 months already??  You are so much fun, every month is my favorite.  You just keep getting more and more funny and sweet and surely one of these days those cheeks are just going to fall off from being kissed so much.  You love grabbing your toes and sucking on your toes.  You love it when your socks come off.
You are sitting up, sleeping on your tummy as you constantly roll over.  You still hate being on your tummy during the day and still get so mad when it is hard for you to roll from tummy to back.  I am a little worried you may never crawl because you throw such a fit on your tummy.

 You love your dogs!  You have started babbling which makes this Speech Pathologist very proud.  You say "dada dada" all the time and still squeal.  You have also said /b/, /m/, /l/ and have played around with your vowel sounds.  There is no doubt you recognize and know your name and it is funny to see you learn more and more words receptively.  You know "all done" and when you get fussy in your bumbo and I say and sign "all done" you just smile with relief.
I am making you organic baby food and have had so much fun doing that.  There is so much pride in cooking and providing for your family I guess.  I love knowing that it is the very best and purest forms of food for your growing body and brain.  You love sweet potatoes, bananas, blueberries, pears, and recently your favorite is mango.  You are not the biggest fan of green beans or avocado, although you will eat them.  You will not even think about eating peas.  They literally make you gag.  You have peaches, apples, and zucchini left to try in the freezer.

You are still loving your hands and anything else that will fit in your mouth as you continue to teeth.  Oh teeth, would you please come in already!  I am praying they all pop out at once and the pain will stop for you.  Another pain that has come up is that you can't go to the bathroom now that solids have been introduced.  I didn't want to give you juice since I didn't see any reason to give you sugar, but alas you are now getting some pear juice to help you go potty....however it is not working.  You are also getting prunes, which surprisingly you don't seem to mind.  I pray everyday for relief for your belly.

Get a load of that drool.

Since the introduction of solid food you now make it 3 hours between meals which is heavenly for your momma.  From 6 weeks on you have eaten every 2 hours and 3 hours is such a treat.  You also are such a stellar napper now, taking at least 1 2 hour nap and occasionally 2 long naps.

You love being outside, you love swinging, your favorite song is "Skidda Marinky Dink" and "Animal Fair", you love sitting up on your own and no longer like the Bumbo, you love baths and get so excited when you hear the bath water running.  You also love the song "father Abraham" which I find really funny. 
You don't smile for strangers, you don't like being on your tummy, you don't like peas.....and I think that is about it.
You are about 15 pounds and 26 inches long.

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