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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


As an early Easter Bunny present Grammy and Pa bought us season passes to the aquarium.  Barrett gets a discount from work and we were going to buy the pass when my parents informed us that they were planning on buying us that for Easter.  But we had already planned to go on my Spring Break because it fell on Barrett's Friday off.  So we bought it and ruined the Easter surprise, whoops.
  It was packed, literally a line from the door to this whale's tail, which was about a 45 minute wait.  Luckily if you are a season pass holder we walked right in to the madness that was the crowd at the aquarium.  But, it was worth it because Kennedy was in heaven.  She loved people watching and LOVED the tanks.

So, we get her ready after her nap to go to the aquarium and I have a bottle ready for her.  Barrett feeds about 2 of the 6 ounces to her in the car and then hops out of the car to see how long it would take to get in for season pass holders.  Well, he put her bottle in her carseat with her and somehow it got flipped over.  By the time I have parked the car she was soaked and the bottle was empty.  Which meant she had no more food and I couldn't nurse her because i was empty from just pumping. But i thought, ok I have lunch solid food for her and 2 ounces of formula for her cereal so she can eat that and we will go through really quick and then head home.  It is no problem right because i am a well prepared mom who has an extra outfit in her diaper bag.....not so much.  her outfit was for 3 months of age which was 2 sizes ago.  Great, she is soaked with 4 ounces of milk with no  But I just thought that we had driven all the way out there and she was gonna see at least one fish.  So I took her in, poor baby with a soaked bottom.  But, she was happy as a lark and the 2 ounces of her milk snack held her over until she ate her lunch and the day was perfect after that.
I love this picture of daddy and Kennedy gazing at the fish.

We are trying to get better about being in pictures with Kennedy.  We take tons of just her, but are trying to get in the pictures with her so we have proof mom and dad were there.

This was her favorite tank, we stood there for about 20 minutes and she would have stayed longer but we needed to keep on going.  She was mesmorized.

This summed up the day...she had a blast.

look at those chunky legs, I can't get enough of them!

i am so excited to see the turtles

This turtle was fond of Kennedy for some reason and kept checking her out.

This is what she did the whole time at the aquarium.  You can't tell really this far away but she would kick her feet out, scream, and wave her hands because she was so excited.

This was our happy girl, even though she was up for 4 hours!  After the aquarium we concluded our family date with lunch at Barrett's favorite place, Drunkin Noodle.  Kennedy enjoyed her prunes and cereal and was one tired girl.  Barrett tried so hard to keep her awake the whole way home so she could take a good nap in her bed and she almost made it.  When we got home she stayed asleep until i lifted her out of her car seat (which NEVER happens, she wakes up at the smaller bump on the road) but laid in her crib and slept for over 2 hours.  She was exhausted but happy!

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