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Monday, October 22, 2012

Professional Pictures

We went to SA the first weekend of October for the purpose of getting Kennedy's 1 year picture taken. What a weekend! I will post pumkin patch pics later but let me tell you about the stress of picture taking. Saturday had been pretty action packed but K laid down and took a good long nap. I thought this would be perfect for pics.When we left pumkin patch Kennedy was burning up so I thought she was just hot from being out in the sun. Nope. Poor baby woke up from nap on fire with 101.7 temperature. She literally laid on my chest for an hour. 
Of course I was disappointed because this was the only weekend we had to take pics between Stacia's crazy hectic schedule and our schedule. I called to cancel 30 minutes before we were suppose to leave. Well, the Tylenol kicked in and she ate a ton at dinner and was laughing and talking.   I call Stacia who had already started her family dinner and we hustled across town. Normally I would have rescheduled but there was no time. 
K was happy happy on the car ride and enjoyed walking around the park with Pa, until she fell onto the gravel and busted open her Head. Now not bad, but definitely an open bloody wound that quickly swelled up with a large bruise around it. Great! Perfect!
Sigh. What was our option at this point? You can imagine how happy Kennedy was to take pics after that. Thanks to the exhausting help of grammy and parents...we got some smiles. What would we do without photoshop?

In Uncle Blake's old rocking chair, which she loves!

Here is what really went on behind camera.  Poor baby.

I was going to add a picture without the editing, but I can't find it at the moment and chances are good that I won't remember to ask Barrett about it which means this post will stay in draft forever.  Out of respect for my to-do list I am posting.

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