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Friday, October 5, 2012

1 years old

I was so excited to get up with this birthday girl. Blake and Rachel got a bad deal because they were sleeping in the den that they too got to participate in birthday breakfast.  Here are some cute shots playing while momma was making pancakes.

Can you tell Daddy is not a morning person?

Every year mom would always make Blake and I birthday pancakes and we would blow out candles and open presents before school.  The tradition lives on as I whipped on some homemade organic (of course) banana pancakes.

And they were a hit!  She kept saying "mmmmm" and "cacake"

I now have made a ton of pancakes and have frozen them so she can have them anytime she wants them.

Then since we were spacing out her presents and today was the big day of her party, we let her open gifts from momma and daddy.

She loves opening presents and getting everything out.  Christmas is going to be awesome.

I love the progression here.  First she is excited to see the baby...
Then kissing the baby...

Then came over and wanted momma and Kennedy to give the baby a hug.

Stealing some juice

Her first official purse, although she had been carrying random bags around as a purse, and the best gift ever...chapstick.  

This is her smacking her lips to say chapstick.

She walks around with her chapstick all day and puts chapstick on the dogs, parents, rocking horse, baby name it, they have moist lips.

Momma's favorite gift to give that I bought months and months ago....bells.

Such a fun time to have our little birthday girl.  Shortly after this chaos of party preparation began.

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