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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The guests arrive

My mother loves to make gifts or buy special favorites for her kids.  This year she brought "Fall gifts" for Rach and I...only my mother would find Fall as an excuse to buy us special surprises.  She knows us too well, Leaves candles and our favorite HEB coffees.  mmmmmm Fall, you can show up anytime now that we have our survival kits.
Friday around 9:30 Blachel and Grammy and Pa arrived bearing presents that Kennedy couldn't open yet.  Kennedy was already excited to see the box of the water table and kept sneaking over to the presents to try and open them.  We wanted to wait until Barrett wasn't at work to open them.

Kennedy played and squealed and ran around the house with her new house guests and the bake-a-thon began.  I had previously made and frozen the sugar cookies, so we started with the icing for those cookies.  Then made Kennedy's white cake, then chocolate cupcakes, then icing again for the cupcakes. 

Check out all the Apple geeks

As soon as Britney found a picture a cupcake I was going to decorate she got super excited, and she never gets excited about anything, to decorate cupcakes.  Next thing I know they are pulling out their art kits and are forming masterpiece guitars.  

These guitars were done free handed

They also made milkshakes.  Side note:  my mom and had a few weekends ago had spent a long time cutting out music notes and circles to make records for the tops of the cupcakes.  They make these guitars in less time than I cut out my circles.  Of course having the right tools and artistic ability goes a long way.  We were cutting with plastic knives that kept tearing the fondant.

Uncle Blake got the honors of feeding little missy since the women were busy working in the kitchen.

Rachel and mom iced and sprinkled the sugar cookies while I worked on cakes and cupcakes galore.  It truly was hours in the kitchen with 3 people working at all times.  How could I have done that without all the help, plus someone watching my daughter?

A picture that there was no room for Rach to sit at the table and no time to sit and eat.

Documenting a daily occurrence of "icccccce"

Reading with Auntie Rach

Kennedy found another sucker to get her some ice.

The crew responsible for keeping K happy while momma was baking.

Pa and Grammy gave Kennedy a water table and she loves it.

Aunt Britney volunteered to write on Kennedy's cake for me as well.  Mom had cut out the music notes prior and Brit wrote on the cake and decorated the bottom for us.  It was so hot in my house with all going on that the buttercream icing kept melting off the cake.

Spacing out the presents.  This girl is good at opening presents now.

 After some presents Kennedy was walking around with tissue paper stuck to her feet, so cute!

Grammy made a customized ABC book for Kennedy with pictures in Kennedy's world such as F is for Fish and it is a picture of the fish in our fish tank.  Kennedy LOVES this book, especially the picture of her and U-uncle Blake in the water and the W page for "water baby" in the water.  She signs water and crawls up in my lap to look at those pictures at least 4 times a day.

Kennedys fan club.

My Uncle Tommy and Aunt Amy came in from Houston on Friday to join us for dinner and Kennedy opened the gifts from them and my Grandma and Grandpa.  We showed Kennedy the picture of Grandma and Grandpa before she opened the gift from them.  We look at their picture every day so she will recognize them.

Let the reading begin....this girl and her books.

My Uncle Tommy and Aunt Amy reading the ABC book to Kennedy.

That night we had a feast of Haloumi cheese, steaks, quail, twice baked potatoes, and salad.  Of course the steaks came off the grill right when Kennedy needed a bottle and to go to momma ate a lukewarm steak.  But it was delicious and so nice to have family with us.  Britney stayed until after supper and then headed back to SA because she had to work on Saturday.  I didn't document the dinner table which makes me sad, but I was too preoccupied with eating I guess.  Such a fun and exhausting day.  

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