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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just keep fishing

Barrett had been so busy at work pretty much all summer long, but the month of August has offered him some fishing relief.  He was able to fish the boat owners Majek tournament and was sponsored to fish the London ISD small fishing tournament this past weekend.  

Barrett and his team won first place in the Majek tournament.  Kennedy and I drove out Saturday night to see the fish being brought in.  She enjoyed walking around especially stepping up and down steps.

The winning stringer.

Barrett also won biggest trout for the entire tournament and won a free mount of his trout.  It was pretty cool to have our boys win the tournament when a lot of the participants were sponsored fishermen.

First place baby

That is what some call a "donkey" trout

Just a day of pre-fishing 

The second fishing tournament, Tammy and I took our girls to the aquarium.  Brylee kept telling me, "Come look Ms. Cara, I'll show you something you have NEVER seen before."  Brylee also loved showing Kennedy the fish.

We had fun wearing these girls out with fish, dolphin show, and the splash park.  Love these little ladies.

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