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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

4th Annual Ports Mansfield trip

We changed our annual trip to Port Mansfield from Memorial Day to Labor Day in hopes of better fishing.  But instead we got rain (which we had been in a drought forever) and Craig's boat motor broke stranding Tammy and the guys in the rain until a boat came by to tow them in.  Nevertheless, we had a great time with good friends and sweet kiddos.

Here is Tammy and her sister-in-law Renee.
The girls fishing

First trip for Zachery and Kennedy.

Kennedy enjoyed walking everywhere and seeing the water.

Next years goal, get more pics of the Fines family and better friend pictures.

Kennedy loved baby Zachery and he was sweet enough to share his toys.

This was me sneaking in on Brylee and Brooklyn putting their baby dolls to sleep.

It is no secret that Kennedy doesn't sleep in a pack n' play well, so we brought her mattress and wedged it on the floor surrounded by pillows.  In the past this tactic was a lifesaver.  But, now with Ms. Mobile, that did not work so well as she was climbing up and over everything.  I had to rock her to sleep for her naps and it was slightly stressful.  Learn to sleep in a pack n' play girl!

The Fines room.  

We stayed at a new place this year, Harbor's End.  It was nicer than our old place, but of course the old place had a better view and it had an upstairs and downstairs which was nice once the kids went to sleep.  This year we all had hot water and nice bathrooms but we had to tip toe around the whole time for sleeping children.  And, go figure everyone had a different nap schedule. Kennedy would nap in the am, then right when she would get up it was time for the Wall girls to take a nap and you guessed it, when they got up K was ready for her nap.

The girls tore up some perch on the pier.

More pics of the grounds.

One afternoon Brooklyn cracked us up going through Barrett's fishing pics on his phone.  She would look at a pic and say, "Look B" as if he had never seen the picture before.  She also showed that she is indeed a girl when she looked at a picture with a large fish and she said, "look at his shoes."

At night we would go walk for deer.  The only deer Kennedy had seen was the one on Daddy's wall, so she was excited to see them.  One man let us come on his property and gave us some corn to feed the deer with.  he was so sweet to the girls.

Deer eating right out of their hands.

Brooklyn decided she was bored feeding the deer and started feeding her self some bread.

Brooklyn came out wearing her mom's shoes....

so then of course Brylee had to do it to to get a picture.

Proof that some fish were caught.

We spent most of our time in the pool.

My one fish on my stringer the morning I got to go out fishing.  I caught undersized trout and a skip jack so still had fun feeling the pull on the line.  Not a success as most fisherman who get to fish a lot, but for this momma that hadn't fished in 16 months, it was great.  I love being out on the calm water with nothing but Barrett, the sun coming up, and fish tails out of the water.

The girls took full advantage of the real baby stuff that came along on the trip.

How many helpers does he need to change the diaper?

Sweet friends.

We don't know where we will stay next year, but we can't wait!

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  1. Bet I can guess who did and did not make their bed!!!!!