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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gran and Grandad came to town

At 6 weeks, Gran and Grandad came in from Arlington to meet their first great granddaughter.  It was my last week home before I had to go to work.  Unfortunately, Kennedy was not having one of her best days and was fussy.  She was starting to go through the  week growth spurt and was wanting to eat every 2 hours and sometimes sooner and my body wasn’t keeping up at first, which left a cranky baby.  But, I think they loved her despite the crying! ha ha



Gran kept making cool sounds with her mouth and Kennedy was just mesmerized.





Even Buddy got some attention

Kennedy got lots of attention and love and lots of holding.


Kennedy being rocked by Gran in the rocker given by Gran and the blanket Gran made.

We got to catch up, love on Kennedy, I got to dust while they held her, and Grandad even cooked lunch for us and we ate Schlotzskys.

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  1. all your posts are bringing back so many memories! everyone wants to see the baby, hold the baby, etc but when they have reflux and are collicky, it doesn't make for the easiest visits!!! the worst is almost over! :) hope we can meet her one day!