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Friday, November 4, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Barrett’s mom, Nana, came in town the weekend of October 22nd and Kennedy had so much fun dressing up in her cute costume and taking pictures at the pumpkin patch.  She did so good taking all the pictures and allowed for some costume changes.  Afterwards, we had our first outing with Kennedy other than Dr. appointments.  We actually braved and went out to eat lunch.  Of course, I was only packed and prepared for the pumpkin patch and not lunch.  Paci? nope, nursing cover? nope….anxious momma? yep  She ended up doing pretty good but got fussy shortly after we got our food because it was almost time for her to eat again.  Oh rookie mistakes, now I am always prepared for at least a 2 day stay any time I go out. HA!

10-23-11 pumpkin patch (17)

Kennedy the bat

10-23-11 pumpkin patch (12)

Nana got her the bat costume

10-23-11 (56)

10-23-11 (51)

10-23-11 pumpkin patch (43)

10-22-11 (8)

I love being outside!

10-22-11 (5)

10-22-11 (2)

Going for our walk

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