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Monday, July 16, 2012

9 months

 Look who is "so big".  She looks extra big and mature in these pictures because of her bow pulling her hair back.  She finally has enough hair to pin a small bow in.  I still love this outfit and its days were numbered so we took more pictures in it.
18.13 oz. weight (50%)
18 1/4 head (50%)
29.5 length (90%)

Things you love:  turning off the lights, walking with assistance, chasing your dogs, outside, anything with water, reading books, being out and about, rubber duckie (You take it everywhere with you and even want to sleep with it), the fountains at the mall, looking at pictures of yourself.  You have mastered unclasping your hands to clap and continue to wave bye-bye and hi (of course only to people you know, you still don't share smiles or gestures with strangers).

Funny story:  We replaced the pictures of you around the house with your most recent  7 month pictures.  You immediately noticed and would look from picture to picture and just smile and giggle.  Now you know they are there and you constantly look at them and smile.  You are quite fond of yourself.

You continue to make choices to pick what teether or what book you want.  At 8.5 months you started imitating "all done" and saying "momma" spontaneously.  Now at 9 months you have started saying "dada" to your daddy and most recently "dog".  You also imitate dogs barking when you hear them.  I know most people won't believe that you started talking at 8.5 months but it is the truth and has been verified by outside sources.  You may not be crawling, but you are talking. You also sign "tree", "fish", "bird" and "butterfly".  You love dancing to music and still love your Elvis.   

Dislikes:  trying new foods (we introduced chicken purees and you were not a fan of the texture), not being able to move independently and that is about it.

You have recently learned to love your walker and the freedom of movement it gives you.  Momma and daddy's backs are forever grateful.
You eat 3 meals a day: cereal, and then 8 oz. of food with 4 bottles a day ranging from 6-8 oz.  You are a big eater!  

She was wearing the cutest shoes so I wanted a standing shot to see the shoes, but she just kicks shoes off. 

I love this sweet face she is making though.

You officially weaned yourself and now receive only formula.  It was a sad day for momma the first morning I didn't get to nurse you.  My body called it quits and you were fine with it.  On the bright side weaning was easy and no pain for mom.

She is loving her pool time as well.  She thinks water is the most fun thing, and her daddy and I have to agree with her.
You are scooting around everywhere but not crawling with on your knees.  I don't' think you will ever crawl on your knees because you have no interest in being on the floor, just walking.  You are able to go from sitting to the floor to do your army crawl.  You recently stood on your own for about 6 seconds and are getting stronger at standing and picking things up.  You are cursing, but prefer to make sure momma and daddy are close by.  You are able to pull yourself up, but most of the time you will push off from the floor or off our legs on the floor.


  1. She better not be cursing! :)

  2. yeah really - talking is ok. cursing is not!! :) you're so sweet kennedy!