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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Barrett and I had our first trip away from our angel baby and left June 30th for Vegas.  Barrett hadn't been there since he was little and I had never been there, so we were excited to see it.  We stayed in the swankiest and nicest hotel, The Cosmopolitan.  I highly recommend it. Here are pictures of our room.

We controlled our lightening and temperature in our room from the tv or from the phone next to the bed.  We also checked out of the hotel from the tv in our room.

We left Saturday morning at 7:25 and got to the airport at 6am because my husband hates getting to the airport too early.  The line in the airport was unbelievable!  We waiting in line for security for 45 minutes, Barrett raced to McDonalds to get breakfast and I ran to the gate.  We were the third to last people to board the plane.  That was cutting it a little close, so head's up when you are traveling near the 4th of is busy.  The flight was direct and great, of course Barrett and I didn't get to sit together but we both got aisle seats so that was nice.  I was deep into Hunger Games and Barrett had picked out all his public land hunts he wanted to do by the time we got to Vegas.
By the time we checked into the hotel, it ws only 8:30 or 9am and we were ready for lunch.  So we decided to tour the hotel and checkout the brunch buffet, which was really good, but pricey.  In fact it was difficult to eat cheap in Vegas which was disappointing.
After our bellies were full we began to tour the hotels.
The Bellagio

Caesar's Palace

The cheesy water show in Caesar's Palace

Each afternoon we spent at the pool for a few hours.  It cracked us up that they had life guards running around when the pool was maybe to our waste.
That night we ate at the Venetian at Calamettos and it was delicious. This picture depicts are state before dinner, red eyes from being up for 22 hours and at this point we had not eaten in 10 hours.

The closest I have ever been to the Brooklyn Bridge, despite going to NYC twice.  I think this was my favorite hotel theme.

While touring New York New York, we came across this slot machine game.  We watched for probably 15 minutes. If you got a match you got to go fishing for fish of different values and then occasionally everyone would compete against each other.  The people playing were having a blast so Barrett joined in.  But after losing money he decided it was more fun to watch then actually gamble.

We didn't ride any roller coasters, not worth $14.

The Excaliber

So our first night we took a taxi to the Venetian because I was all dressed up in my heels and it was far down the strip from our hotel.  But, after dinner we wanted to see the show outside Treasure Island and the Volcano so we decided to walk, against my better judgment in my cheap Target heels.  These hotels were on the far end from our hotel and I think I made it to Caesar's Palace before I had blisters killing me.  I proceeded to take my shoes off and walk the rest of the way (you know I was desperate when a germ-a-phob walks on the ground barefoot in Vegas), but then I almost got blisters from the cement being so hot hours after the sun set.  Was I willing to sacrifice my heels and outfits for mere blisters?? nope.  I smartened up and from then on I would bring my big purse and wear flip flops until I got to the restaurant or wherever we were headed and then make the switch to heels.

Notice the heels in my purse

Cirque De Solie, O, was one of my bucket list items and it did not disappoint, amazing!

Here is a video of the Bellagio fountains, one of my favorite things in Vegas.

Pictures of the inside of our hotel, although they do no do the interior justice.

Inside Paris Paris.

Self timer did not do so hot in this picture.  This night we went to eat at the Palms in Caesar's Palace and had the best steak and lobster we have ever eaten.  

More fountain pictures at the Bellagio as this was a nightly event for us.

My favorite part of the vacation was the break from washing bottles constantly, being able to sleep until I was ready to wake up, and spending endless amounts of time with my husband.  Barrett and I had a great time spending time together and going on dates every night.  We also came back with the same money we went with in our small gambling money.  I did some penny slot machines Barrett tore it up on BlackJack.  The second night he played Black Jack in our hotel and we had the most fun table.  Everyone was laughing and pulling for each other.  Then a bachelor party came over and one of the guys starting making $1,000 bets as Barrett was making the minimal $10 bets.  It was bonkers to see someone gamble with that kind of money!  Definitely made it more exciting when he would get a BlackJack, but I think I prefer watching other people gamble their money away.

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