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Monday, August 27, 2012

10 months

How does every month get better?  Of course when I think back about past months those were the best too, so pretty much I will say like my moms says "every month is my favorite".  Kennedy Blair you are for sure our favorite and live it up because someday you will have a sibling that will share that title with you.  By the way, you do live it up and after our last vacation, you have the hardest time playing by yourself!

I feel like I always say this, but this month has brought on so many new tricks and skills.  In fact, when I look back just a month ago you look so much older and huge.  Drum roll took your first 2 steps on Friday August 3, 2012 and momma and daddy were both there to witness them on video!  You were standing by yourself holding Annie's toy so Barrett decided to video since you were standing so well and then you decided to take 2 steps towards momma.  We were so proud!  The next day you took 3 steps by yourself and then wobbled and was able to balance and right yourself again, so proud of you.  We are looking forward to you growing in your confidence and starting to take over the house.

First steps and I think that video actually worked.

You are able to follow the following commands: "where is___", "turn off light", "give me___",
able to identify your toes, feet, hands, shirt, shoes, socks and other people's ears and noses, shirt, hair and mouth.  You blow kisses and give high fives but turn your head and shyly smile during high fives for some cute reason.  You have your second bottom tooth and look like you are able to get lots more.  You can stand alone for at least 20 seconds and are more comfortable walking with 1 hand assistance. 

You are starting to use your contact point to identify items in books (previously your would look at the objects).  You have added "duck" and "kack/quack" on your list of words and have started signing "drink" and "more".  You frequently say "Dada" now and will even label daddy in pictures around the house.  You like helping opening doors and walking steps.

You can now answer the question, "What does the monkey say?" and recently we discovered you know the word chapstick and smack your lips when you hear it.  You also snore when you hear the word "sleep".

These are pictures that I took of you for your upcoming 1st birthday party invitations (sad day for momma) and I am not going to sue use so decided I would share your cuteness here.

First self-feeding shot with a spoon.  Notice, the padding on the high chair is missing because it was being washed because of the "clean" self-feeding finger food session that happened at lunch.

You are starting to self-feed and are eating more solids.  You have eaten and loved: strawberries, blueberries (had them pureed in baby food before), avocados, bananas, and cheese.  You LOVE cheese and can not shovel it fast enough in your mouth.  Really, you love eating and love self-feeding.  Such a big girl.

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