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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Breakfast on the Beach

The following weekend after Dawn and Jim left, Sherry and Britney came to visit and we had breakfast on the beach with church.  Tammy and Craig and Barrett and I were in charge of organizing the event and we had fun.  The weather was perfect and the beach was gorgeous, for Corpus that is.
The cooks, making some breakfast tacos on the back of the truck.

Nanna and the girls.

Such a gorgeous day

Brooklyn stole Kent's truck, this girl needs some wheels apparently.

During Kennedy's afternoon nap, Sherry was nice to allow Barrett and I to have a date.  I had already organized with Sherry that Barrett and I would go out to the shooting range because I knew he would love to take me shooting. (despite my distaste for guns) He was thrilled and we did have a great afternoon.

I prefer the 22 revolver and took one shot with the Kimber and that was good for me for a lifetime.

Bath time

We had a good visit and a fun weekend.  Kennedy had a blast showing off her walking skills.

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