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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dawn & Jim summer visit

We got back from Vegas on Tuesday and had some visitors to meet for dinner that night. Kennedy met us at the airport and I never wanted to let her go. After tears, kissing her cheeks until they were red, and squeezing her, we made it home and momma got to put her to sleep. Once she was out we headed to dinner to meet Britney, Aunt Dawn and Uncle Jim.
We stayed in SA on Wednesday and took Kennedy to the zoo for the first time. She had a blast and especially loved the butterflies, birds, and the African Wild Dog. It was so HOT! K was exhausted so we took her home for a nap and after nap time we went to swim at Dawn and Jim's hotel pool. The next day we headed to Corpus where we went to the aquarium.

Speaking of hot, the aquarium was hot. Kennedy has started liking the dolphin show so we got there 30 minutes prior to the show, only to barely get a seat and yes sweat for 30 minutes. Uncle Jim kindly walked Kennedy around so she could get in some shade and not get bored.  

Obviously Kennedy didn't mind the heat, she had a blast.

Later that day we swam in the backyard pool.

They gave Kennedy a book called In the Jungle with animals they saw together at the zoo.  Now we read that book probably 3-4 times a day.

We wanted to make sure that we got some good photo shoots in.

First trip to the zoo.

This Komodo Dragon statue had her laughing and squealing. 

This monkey had the right idea, sit on some ice.

She really wanted to touch the birds.

Then Barrett had a difficult time getting the birds off of him.

Oh the African Wild Dogs, we had to pry Kennedy away.

First time in a big pool

We had a blast and as always ate tons of good food!

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