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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ms. Popular

Miss Kennedy has had quite the visitors since she has been home.  Miss Shirley came in from San Antonio with Nanny to love on the little miss.  Momma was taking a nap when they got there and they were sweet to let me sleep as I was not sleeping well with Kennedy keeping me up all night.

10.6.11 (31)

Nanny is turning 100 this year and even though her hearing and vision are going she still has her spunk.  Miss Shirley has been an adopted grandma since I was little.  My memories with her include tea parties at her house with Oatmeal Crème cookies.

10.6.11 (32)

Later came Aunt Megan all the way from Dallas.  She flew in Sunday October 9th and left the 11th.  She only gets 2 weeks vacation a year and requested off this week just to meet our angel baby.  So much love!  Thanks Aunt Megan for all the singing, playing, girl talk, kisses, and loving.  (and thanks for letting my mom sleep when I was only sleeping 2 hours a night!)  Notice a trend in these posts??  Baby not sleeping and momma taking advantages of visitors to catch up on much needed rest.

10.10.11 (3)

Then on Thursday October 13th we had visitors all the way from Florida!  Aunt Vicki and Aunt Linda came in to see me.  I was spoiled rotten and never left someone’s arms.

10.13.11 (3)

More visitors still left to come, she is so very loved!

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