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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Visit from Grammy

The first week home it was just the 3 of us and honestly baby girl was happy and we had a system that seemed to be working pretty well, so I didn’t know if I would need my mom’s help.  But, decided I wasn’t ready to go it all along yet, so asked her to come for week 2.  It was divine intervention because week 2 started that screaming week! We had 2 nights in a row with only 2 hours of sleep followed by days without a nap.  She stopped wanting to nurse and would cry during nursing.  We knew she was in pain and we knew she had gas because we could feel the gas bubbles in her tummy and feel the piercing pain run down her back while we held her.  It was horrible to hear her cry and hurting and knowing that I was not eating anything but bland safe foods and giving gas drops every 2 hours.  Thank goodness for Grammy who would allow me to sleep during the day for a few hours to try to remain sane.  I think the greatest blessing she brought though was reassurance.  Reassurance that I was doing everything I could, reassurance that what I thought was wrong was wrong, and reassurance on decisions throughout the day that my hormone tainted and sleep deprived brain could not make on it’s own at the time.

But we also had some fun times too.  Kennedy you loved singing with Grammy and rocking outside on the front porch.

10.7.11 (7)

10.7.11 (24)

Tummy Time with Grammy and showing off my new skills of turning my head and eating my hand.

10.6.11 (41)

Here is a picture at your 2nd week Dr. appointment with Grammy.  You were 8 lbs. 2 oz. and 22 inches long, you grew an inch in a week!  Still jaundice, which Dr. was not concerned about and boy did we have tons of questions since you were so fussy and unhappy!  Dr. said to try to continue to watch what I ate and give you drops.  (no quick fix)

Thanks Grammy for all your help!

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