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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Splish Splash- your first bath

Kennedy got her first bath at home on day 4.  At the hospital, daddy said you were not the biggest fan of a bath and so we anticipated some crying.  Daddy made sure and got the heater going in the bathroom so his little girl wouldn’t get too cold and we braved the bath experience.  You did awesome!  Not a tear was shed as you listened and seemed to enjoy the warm water. 

9-26-11 First Bath  (18)


9-26-11 First Bath  (2)


9-26-11 First Bath  (8)

After- this is also one of your daddy’s favorite photos of you and has it on his phone background

First real bath with soap was on Thursday October 6th.  It was a blessing that your umbilical cord fell off at the perfect time!  So we had our friend Randy over for dinner while my mom was in town and Kennedy was chilling in her swing, when I heard the “mom I am wet” cry.  I went to pick her up and she was more than wet, there was poo all the way up to her shoulders of her outfit.  Her outfit, swing, and now my hand were covered.  As disgusting as it was, it was soooo funny.  Randy was immediately scared and now probably won’t be having children.  It was so bad we immediately stripped her clothes in a trash bag and Grammy went outside to spray off the outfit because we were not about to rinse it in the sink.  Thanks goodness as soon as we took her soiled clothes off we saw your belly button for the first time!  I was so excited because girl you were stinky and were in some serious need of some soap.

10.6.11 (28)

10.6.11 (26)

To complete your spa experience at 16 days old you got your first manicure by daddy because I was too chicken to do it!  The pictures look like you were not happy, but you actually didn’t make a peep.  I personally was relieved that was over and so thankful that you could have your hands free and no more mittens.

10.8.11 (5)

10.8.11 (6)

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